Saturday, 28 April 2018

Gold Necklace Clasps - Chain Me Up - Ross Fraser

When you're getting started with the jewellery project one of the most important things is going to be what kind of clasp to get. That's if you're making a gold chain necklace or a bracelet, you're going to want to know what to buy and shopping for the materials is one of the most fun parts anyway, so we're going to show you an overview of some of the clasps you might find at the store.

One of your more basic clasps that you'll find is a lobster clasp and we've got three different examples here. Ones in a silver look, gold look and kind of an antique brass or bronze look and they come in different, with different connectors. This one didn't come with any connector at all, this one came with a little jump ring, that you can see here, so it's two parts. Yeah so take that apart when you go to use it, that's right and then you would connect each end to what inside, either side of your project.

Yeah and the same is true of this one, it comes with this little end, here frankly we don't love this tiny little end because it's kind of hard to get your little lobster end through that tiny hole. We usually just throw that away and use a jump ring or sometimes we use a piece of chain to go with a lobster because then it makes the piece that you've made is adjustable. Yeah so that's really nice. So this is your all-purpose lobster clasp, it's called a lobster clasp because it looks like a lobster claw, very silly, but sometimes you want something a little prettier if it's going to show, you might want something like a toggle clasp that  I have here on my necklace. It's okay if it comes to the front, because it's so pretty.

So here's two examples of a toggle clasp and a toggle clasp comes with two parts it has a ring and then it has usually a bar and you slide the bar into the ring and that's how you're going to clasp it, just like this one, and what you'll do is you'll take the two pieces and you'll put the ring on one end of your project and you'll put the bar on the other end. Sometimes they come connected like these two have a jump ring connecting them, they're just selling it that way so they don't get lost from each other. You're going to use wire cutters and cut that temporary ring that's just holding this two together, you can and now you've got your two pieces you'll attach the bar to one end of your project and the ring to the other.

We love toggle clasps especially for necklaces and about not so much for bracelet. Now if they, I thought they're not secure enough for bracelets.  I have some bracelets with, I do too,  I do too yeah but not my favourite yeah and then these are s hooks. I've enough that's what they're called at the store but that's what we call them. We call the mess ups because they kind of look like an s shape, this one is an s hook that comes with a jump ring on one side and then a jump ring that actually connects to your project on the other side. So it's two pieces, so you would connect this jump ring to one side of your project, yep and this jump ring to the other side and then when you clasp it that little s hook just feeds right through and that looks very artistic. That's like a nicely made piece to show  I think that might be okay on a bracelet, but  I think  I would lean towards using that on necklace. Probably yeah that's a good point and that one is a similar kind of clasp, as yes another s clasp in a different finish and it has a little piece here that keeps this from sliding out, which is nice and we just love the look of this kind of s hook, like this you can kind of incorporate that into your project.

Yes, maybe put it intentionally on one side sort of balance it down on the other with you. Yeah you can plan for it and work it in and you'll want to you'll match your metal to whatever metal using for your project. Exactly and then we have box clasps and these are great for bracelets.  I think, I like them for bracelets. They're very nice for bracelets because they're very secure, for example this copper one is sort of pretty filigree copper one the little end goes in and really clicks and connects it. So you're sure that it's going to be there, it is easy to put on. That one's nice for that. So we love a little box clasp. This box clasp has two ends on each side and that's intentional, that's if you want to make a double strand bracelet or necklace.

So be careful when you're picking out your box clasp that if you're only making a single strand, it only has one a little loop on one side and not two or three or back but if you are making a multi strand necklace or bracelet you'll will want one. Yeah um you keep those connectors. Yeah and this opens just the same way as our other is that little pinch, the little slash, yeah which is very nice and then this is another version of a box clasp, even though it's not square, and this is one that we see a lot and actually reminds us of our childhood.

Really this one is just a little bit hard to use, no well that's pretty. It's you have to pinch the end to get it out, you see I’m already struggling here and then it's got a loop on it, so it's very secure, but this is behind your hair, oh  I got it really hard to do to use it for my own and yeah it's hard  I think on a bracelet - oh my gosh especially if you're putting it on yourself.  I don't know how you would you would manage but at any rate this is not one of our favourites, but worth showing you because we see it a lot. Yeah you'll and you'll run into that you'll see that one and then this is one, we bought this because it's so delicate, and for doing a very delicate bracelet we thought it was lovely and then we realized that it's a screw clasp. Yeah when and that just it's a lot of work, you can't do it on a bracelet then because you only have one hand you're putting on your bracelet and also your project is going to twist if you have to screw it. So you nothing right have a project that doesn't mind all those rotations, it's not going to hurt it right and sometimes it flips the beads to the wrong side.

You have like a permanent twist in there, might make it too small all of a sudden, it just, it's not, not ideal  I think I’m not a fan of the screw clasp. Now however I am a fan of the magnetic clasp and these are three different ones they're trying to jump together, they always do you can see them dancing around. We love magnet clasp because they're so easy to use, they're easy on it on a necklace and on a bracelet.  I frankly prefer them on bracelets to me because the long hair gets tangled, oh yeah if you try to use a magnet on a necklace and you go back behind here, it'll pinch your hair, does for me and that not it doesn't feel good.

I mean if you have a pretty magnet clasp like this one, you could wear it in the front, yeah or you could just, you know or if you have short hair. Choose to use them for bracelets, which is one of our main uses yeah this is just a pretty one, it's not super strong so the strength of it really matters when it comes to magnet clasps. We've picked out quite a few that we thought were pretty but they weren't strong enough to hold like heavy beads or if you catch if you just slightly catch your bracelet on something, like a right or a knob it can pull your bracelet right off, if that magnets not very strong. That's right, worked hard on this and made it with nice gemstones you're going to miss it if you lose it that way, so you'll really want to test. This copper one, which is the smallest one here is also the most powerful one we have, super-strong. You would be amazed  I wish,  I wish it could feel this it is so strong. That's a good one, so even though it's tiny it's very strong. This is demonstrating something for us right now that  I will go ahead and say and that's that one negative thing about wearing magnet jewellery clasps on more than one project, is that they will connect themselves to each other. So if you have two bracelets yeah they both have magnetic clasps or even metal one is magnet, the other hits just a metal and try to wear them together and have them you know move around they're not going to around. The great big long we want to connect just that so yeah and then this is sort of a barrel shape of a different kind of magnet clasp and this one's pretty sturdy too. It's not the most beautiful one in the world but it's also fairly innocuous, it's not bad kind of moderate looking, yeah it yeah like that, but we just wanted to give you an overview of the different kind of clasps you might run into. Which one's your favourite?  I have to think about that  I you know I’m really attracted to this beautiful box clasp.  I like that one and this one now that  I see it again, we've had it for a little while,  I think why haven't  I used that yet on a project. Oh my gosh that would be so pretty.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

How I make my silver charms

Hi everyone, I’ve had a few requests to show how I make some of the silver charms that I hang on my mixed-media pages and mini books. I showed these on previous videos and so I just thought I'd share some of the more basic techniques here and some of the materials that you will need for those.

So most of my silver charm bracelets start with one of these, which is a head pin and it's like an ordinary pin and you've got the pin head there which stops your beads falling off, but obviously it hasn't got the sharp end like a real pin would and I tend to use the longer ones, which are 50 millimetre or two inches long and just because it's less fiddly. You can buy an inch long and various sizes and but I find them quite fiddly to work with any smaller, so the two inch ones or the 50 millimetre is what I would normally use and they come in a range of colours.

So you've got your gold and silver, antique gold, bronze and there's a black one as well that I’ve seen, and so it depends what type of project that you're working on, as to what you'd need and the one I'm going to show you how to make is this one here. The head pin runs through the centre, you can't really see the tip of it there because I’ve got an extra bead at the bottom, and then you attach your beads and obviously whatever type of fastening or clasp at the top. So to make this particular one then, I start with a spacer bead, which these are three millimetre spacer beads and again you can buy these in the various colours to match your findings and the reason you might need those and firstly, obviously as the name suggests, they create a bit of space between your main beads. If you are using expensive beads, then obviously you'd want to space those apart a little bit, but if you're using a large bead like this, you often find the holes are too big to stay on with the tip of your head pin. So you'd use a spacer bead at the bottom, just to make sure that's secure.

So I'm going to thread my first and spacer bead onto the head pin and then I'm going to thread my main bead, which is a lamp work bead, this is 20 millimetre lamp work bead, and then I'm going to add another one of the round spacer beads. The same as the one at the bottom. The next type of bead I used on here, these are also spacer beads, but these are a different type, these are daisy spacer beads and these particular ones I think are three mil or four mil. So quite small beads, I'm going to take one of those and this basically is to frame, the next coloured bead, which you can see that the pink coloured bead there and this one is the natural gemstone beads.

You can see those two well and it's rhodolite and it goes particularly well with the heart-shaped bead that shows. So I'm going to thread the rhodolite bead onto there and then another, have the daisy spacer beads, and then to finish I'm going to use another one of the silver spacer beads. So you can use whatever type of beads that you have, I tend to use a lot of the gemstone, natural gemstone beads, but they can be quite expensive and I also use a lot of the Swarovski crystals, which again can be expensive and so if you're just practicing, you might want to start with maybe acrylic or glass beads which tend to be cheaper.

The next thing you need, you do need some quality jewellery pliers for this. These are round nose pliers because the ends of them are rounded and that's what you need to form a loop at the top, before you add any attachments. The other type you can get are called flat nose pliers, which obviously are, flat inside but these ones you just grasp with the tip of your plier, and then you literally take your finger and Bend your head pin around there and then remove your pliers and you will need some wire cutters. Mine came in a set, you can buy these a reasonable price in a set, you've got everything you need and then what you need to do is just nip the wire and so you've got enough wire to form a loop and join it together. So I'm just going to nip that there and then you take your round nose pliers again, this is going to be a little bit tricky, I'm trying to do it in film but you need to take your round nose pliers, right at the very ends, trying to focus the camera. I don't think it's going to focus too well so close up, but you nip them right near the end and you need to just twist them so that that loop will join together.

I'm just trying to do this quickly and then you need just to make sure that that loop is closed and it's going to hold those beads in place and then you can manipulate it if you're not quite happy, it's not straight and you can obviously manipulate a little bit, but just make sure that it has actually closed up at the top and sometimes I do take my flat nose pliers at this point as well, and just flatten it a little bit and close the loop a bit more at the bottom.

It is probably the trickiest part, but with a little bit of practice it's you can do it relatively quickly. The next thing we want to take our jump rings, these are open jump rings which means when you twist them they're going to open. This one has just been partially opened, what's important when you're using the jump rings you don't pull them apart that way, you actually twist them and towards you to open them. Okay so they look like that when they're open and then you can hook onto here, obviously it needs to go on the loop on your charm and then if you've got any clasps or fastenings that you need to go on. For mine I tend to use 12 mil lobster clasps and but obviously it could be jewellery finding or anything like that and to make earrings and or whatever it is that you’re doing, and once you've got it on your jump ring, then you use your jump ring to attach where you've just formed that hook with your head pin and then you would twist it closed again. Just twist it until it shuts and then you have your finished charm.

Okay probably take a bit more time on yours, the other type you can use, you can use these, all the findings called eye pins. These have a loop in them already and I use these if I want to make something that looks a bit longer and dangly, and these have got jump rings in between. So I'd start off again exactly the same way. I'd start with and one of the eye pins, got one out and probably start with taking these beads. So you start with your beads and then you might want to add possibly a spacer bead in between, and this time instead of adding lots more beads, you might as I say, might add your spacer bead, but not much more. You'd form your loop straight away, you would cut that off, okay and then before you close your and loop, you'd want to attach a jump ring onto there or you can add your jump ring afterwards. Perhaps it might be easier if you beginning to close your loop and then add your jump ring, so I’ll show you how to do that and just close your loop as you did before. Then you need your jump ring, which you need to twist as we said before, twist to open, put it onto the loop and then you would take your head pin and also attach that, then close your loop.

So you're starting to get that more jingly effect, then you would take your next bead and you do exactly the same thing, it make your loop okay, cuts it and close it and then you'd carry on with the next one. So you'd put another jump ring onto there, another eye pin onto there and carry on until you've got as many charms on there as you actually want and it would look very long. One look, something like that with the same finishing technique at the top, so I hope that's been useful for somebody. I do hope it's focused enough because it's quite detailed and please leave a comment if you want any more information on supplies or techniques or anything. Ok thank you for watching bye.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Gold Charms - Thomas Sabo vs. Pandora

Hi everyone welcome to the first instalment of our comparison reviews. Today we'll be taking a look at Thomas Sabo karma charms versus Pandora essence. Alright, now let's take a look at the jewellery. So as you can see, I’ve got my stack on right now and I’ve got the Pandora essence here, my Pandora bangle with all my lucky charms. The Thomas Sabo karma gold charms and another Pandora essence bracelet, as you can tell the Thomas Sabo blends in really well. The charms are about the same size as the Pandora. Now let's take a look at how they compare together.

The clasps are the same, so they open the same way. The Thomas Sabo chain is different than the Pandora essence. It's got this box link system. Take a closer look at that and it's very flexible, so I’m never afraid that it's going to get a kink or break or anything like that. The Pandora essence of course is a thinner version of the regular snake chain. It's relatively delicate, so I don't mess with it too much. It's still very fluid though so it can bend a lot more than the regular bracelet can. Alright so again the karma charms, they do not have stoppers or anything like that inside, so they do slip around a lot. So I highly recommend getting these stoppers at the end. At least one on each end, so that they don't fall off the bracelet. It's especially dangerous when you unclasp the bracelet and then all the charms can get everywhere.

Alright, so let's take a look at these charms. So again if you don't have, if you don't have the starbursts at the end will just fall off like that and that would be pretty heartbreaking if they fell on the floor. The Pandora essence has a stopper core inside, it is close up of that so that catches on the bracelet and holds four it holds pretty well. I haven't had problems with them moving too much, but they still do move around a little bit. Now this Thomas Sabo bracelet collection came out a little over a month ago and the Pandora essence is still also relatively new, it came out last fall. Stores, concept stores have had these since fall last year but other different types of stores are just now getting these in stock and that'll be in April. So if you haven't been able to see them, if you don't have a concept store near you, your chance will be coming up.

So I ended up getting two of the essence bracelets already, you can fill them up all the way, but I generally like to just fill them in with a few. I've kind of maxed out at six on each of my bracelets so I might end up getting more if more charms come out that I want. Alright so a lot of you ladies are curious as to how these are compatible or if they are. The Pandora essence obviously does not fit on the Thomas Sabo, because as you can see the stopper core prevents it from going in. However it does fit the other way around and the Thomas Sabo charms, you know they are, they do vary a little bit in size.

So you've got the bigger open works versus the smaller charms, they are all hollow so they're really light. So the entire bracelet is very light, I would say comparatively the Pandora essence feels heavier. One of my favourite charms is the karma life logo. All right that one's really cool, I really like that one a lot. All right, so the Pandora essence of course they pull off just like that and then they you put them back just like threading a needle. So I’m just going to take all these off and combine them with the Thomas Sabo karma charms for a great look and this way you actually get some fluid movement. As well as the stoppers stopping them in place, so I actually think this is a really good combination.

I'm just going to put a few on here, the only problem with the Thomas Sabo line is that I don't really have any stores around me, so I actually had to get my bracelets from overseas. I got these at Joshua James from the UK, there's no shipping restrictions though so they do ship outside of the UK and that's how it looks together. It looks actually pretty great, so I’m relatively happy with combining them but for the sake of, you know, keeping all the brand separate, I do have a little bit of OCD about that, so I do tend to segregate my brand lines. Otherwise the clasps are relatively similar, the karma charms class is perhaps a shade, let's get to focus in on that, is perhaps a shade bigger than the Pandora essence. It's not that close for you to see and I would say the Thomas Sabo is a little more difficult to get on, just because the knob, the latch at the end, does not catch as well.

So that always gives me a little bit of trouble but not too much. Whereas the Pandora clasp really well and then you can see it stays in place. All right, so all in all, I really like both these brands. I've never really been interested in Thomas Sabo until now between the high prices and their traditional dangled brick charm bracelet. I haven't really, you know, nothing's really caught my eye from that brand but I was really excited about the karma charms collection because you know it is a European style charm bracelet and the price points pretty reasonable. From the charms are usually about $25 to $125, of course depending on how much bling it has and detailing and silver of course. They also come in different finishes like gold and rose gold, which Pandora does not offer and of course they have cz’s as well.

The Pandora essence, the charms are you know semi-precious gemstones as well as silver and then detailed with cz’s. There's some really pretty designs, but I kind of do a combination of picking aspirations I like, characteristics I like and also are that a reflective of me and also ones that have pretty design. So and that's it for the comparison between the Thomas Sabo karma charms and the Pandora essence collection. If you have any other questions head on over to the blog and post them there. Otherwise I hope this was helpful and I’ll see you soon.

Monday, 9 October 2017


Hey guys welcome back to my channel I am back again with another video for you, all know it's not really a haul video kind of more of like a styling video, I don't really know. Call the way you want but I did purchase recently a whole bunch of like gold necklaces and chokers from forever 21 because chokers are so in style right now and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

Now these are not like all like thick shelters on what you're like used to seeing on Instagram and in real life and everything, like that I wanted something more dainty to be seen like some you tubers and some fashion jewellery designers, really going like the thinner route with making chokers and necklaces really classy, really dainty, very timeless, they were one the trends fades away and you can still use these pieces.

So that's what I kind of wanted to do. I did find a whole bunch of them at forever 21. If you guys are interested in seeing what I purchase and how I'm going to pair them up and layer them on my neck I suggest you stick around because we're going to get right into it. I feel Easter is a really nice time to dress queue and just you're opening up like a new vault of a wardrobe because they're coming to the warmer months, it's spring obviously you want to dress pretty, pastel colours I'm not really like vibing thick chokers honestly I have to be very careful when I am choosing chokers and picking them out because if I go with something really thick and it goes on my neck, honestly I feel like I'm going to gag and I just feel super claustrophobic.

I just have to rip it off my neck girl I thought if I went ahead and purchased some thinner daintier two your choker necklaces I'd be fine. So the first choker that I did come across is this gold piece and I'm not really sure if I'm going to call these like shamrocks or four-leaf clovers. I guess they're kind of the same thing, but it's really cute and now all the pieces that I picked up but they all range from 490 to 890 I don't like to spend too much on jewellery from forever21 because most of the time it does line up tarnishing or just breaks and you don't want to spend much on jewellery that doesn't have a very long shelf life.

So I don't like make sure not spend more than like eight dollars on jewellery from there. The next choker I got is this pretty little like I'm not really sure what the colour is, kind of late this knotted chain detailing with a little like ring in the middle, that goes in the middle of your neck and it was really pretty as well, a little bit thinner than the last one. And then this piece here now I like this one because it reminded me one of that Alexander guards I had you guys saw her youtube channel she does wear a lot of these dainty little chokers like this and she had one that was kind of this golden wrote material so when I seen this I thought I'm definitely going to pick it up.

Now this one was only four dollars and 97, next two necklaces, they're not chokers but they do come up a little higher rather than like those ones that are directly on your neck. These ones do fall a little bit on your decollate area now this one is like the double chain really stand it really small detailing and I saw this was kind of cute because it has a little hello and handwriting. I really even noticed that until he brought it home and this one was on clearance for a dollar ninety, once I got to the telephone in ninety cents.

This one is really pretty, I haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I will show you guys the combinations as soon as them doesn't show you guys which ones I purchased and just I'm going to like pair them on my neck to wear them out and never seen. So this next one here is really pretty I think it was like six ninety or something, but it's just that thin little chain detailing with the little cross accents. Now it's perfect, I would honestly pair this one with this one and I think it would just fall so perfectly and so like cleanly. If you're just wearing like a V-neck shirt and you just learned to like pump it up a little bit. I'm not one that's big on like mixing gold and silver jewellery together, but I did find this little silver necklace and it was also on clearance and I want to pay ninety cents for it. Now I did pick myself up two black chokers, well actually just one, another one of these is from a prior haul video that I showed you guys but I'm going to bring it into this video and just put it on just kind of show you guys how I would wear it too. First one I did pick up on Friday, is it just this black one kind of looks like a little lariat detailing on this front, if it's going to focus and it was really pretty enough that I do need to get this one because it's not too thick, but it is thin enough that I could still get away with it .

You can totally like pair these ones up with different kind of black chokers or you go with the gold or you can go with silver, honestly doesn't matter but it is really pretty for summertime and I get a lot of use of this one. Now last but not least you guys have seen this one for those of you who do watch my haul videos, I did purchase this one at forever 21 now this one looks $14.90 the most I paid for any of these chokers and it is kind of like, it also reminds me of those belts that everyone's wearing right now with a big buckle and I thought this is really nice to wear. Just I don't know summertime with a dress I really wouldn't wear this one dressed down at all because I feel it is a little bit more fancy.  I've tried to wear it with a t-shirt it just didn't look right it looks like it was too much too overpowering.

I hope you guys did enjoy watching this kind of haul video, kind of styling video really not sure how I'm going to categorize this one yet, but if you did see any pieces or items through this video that you did like and you thought Kate, I want these for myself. I will be leaving links to anything that is available at forever 21 down below in the drop bar. Not everything is there because on at forever 21 it's the products are here today gone tomorrow, but whatever is available you'll find it down below in the drop box along with my social medias. I want to now chat and Instagram they're both at Chelsea Nicole 1.0 if you did enjoy this video be sure leave us a big thumbs up. Subscribe if you aren't already. Once you're subscribed it's going to let you know as soon as I upload a video and also we recently hit 4,000 subscribers. It just means the world to me, I am over the moon. Leigh does 4,000 new YouTube friends and let's keep it going let's hit 5,000. Again guys thank you so much for all the love and support on my recent videos, it truly does mean the world to me. If I am honest to goodness so thankful for each of us be careful god bless them see you all in my next video.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Large and small link charm bracelet

So this is what we're making, a simple little charm bracelet. Alternating large and small links, 40 links in all roughly and the reason for the two different sizes is when you're putting charms on, often times it's difficult to make sure that the chain is lined up when the links are all the same size, so this was just to make it easier and I like the look, large and small.

All soldered the sizes that I'm using our three millimetre and four and a half because I’m using 1.2 wire and the inside diameter of your small link has to be big enough the two pieces of wire will go through it, so twice 1.2 2.4, so I’ve got point 6 clear on the inside. So it'll be nice and flexible. So cut all of your three millimetre jump rings, bring the ends together so that they're absolutely perfect, as perfect as you can get them.

Solder them separately, because these are small enough that if you try to soldier them with the two bigger ones in there, you'll end up soldiering them together, maybe not, it just this will guarantee that you won't solder them together. So cut connect solder all of your small ones and then we'll assemble the chain.

A little bit of wax on the blade, I use beeswax just because it's handy and available you can use bear wax, you can use wintergreen oil just about anything that's a lubricant. I do it just so that the blade but isn't sticky, it just makes it cut easier. Then use your parallel jaw pliers and what you do is push one end past, then bring it back, wiggle it back and forth and get it as close as you can get it, so you want zero. Gap yeah and by wiggling it back and forth you can get it so that there is ZERO gap. So put all of these together but all of the joins together and then we'll assemble it after we solder all of these.

So just make sure that the metal is touching, otherwise it won't solder. Okay the joints are all closed I’ve added a little bit of water to my flux and mixed it up. We're going to use hard solder for this and I'm just going to put pieces of solder along my charcoal block doesn't have to be charcoal it can be any kind of soldiering block. So you want a fairly decent spread of this, so that you don't overheat the ones next to what you're trying to do. So flex the solder, each piece, it'll help hold it in place and it'll also make sure that the solder flows.

Then what I do is I pick up the jump ring, locate the join, flux it as otherwise it's a pain in the bum to try to get it all to stay in one spot and then I just line up the join with my bit of solder, do a row of them, take your time I know it can be a bit tedious but it'll all come good. So light your torch, medium flame, any flame really and I’m using my tweezers because it's just easier once the solder flows to pick it up and shift it over. You could use your soldier pick, so do the whole bit, do all of them. Now take your large jump rings that are still open and assemble your chain. So open them a little bit more, I haven't quenched these, but they should be cool enough and I just place them with my tweezers.

On the off chance that they aren't cool enough, can't be bothered quenching and pickle at this time. Close the join make it as perfect as possible, make lots of these with the single big jump ring and the two small jump rings and then we'll assemble all of them. So once you have your stacks of three, take the big jump ring, put it in the small one, grab another stack of three, put it in the small one, close the joint as good as humanly possible.

So that's what our chain is going to look like, now it looks like it's going to take roughly 30 of each of the large and small jump rings. Assemble the chain completely and then we'll hold the big ones up on a third hand, joint up and solder it like we've done all of the other ones. Now the reason for this chain, in case you want to know, is this is for a charm bracelet and this way I it's very easy for me to make sure that the charms will hang exactly the same way.

That's it, so assemble your whole chain, soldier it, make a hook for the end, pickle it and tumble it. Done. I'm just going to continue assembling the chain and then I'm going to have to call it a night, it is night it's nine o'clock at night. You can see by the moisture on my arm is still quite toasty, I thought it was going to be cool enough to work, but if I have the fan on you can't hear me, so i'll just assemble this and will finish it up tomorrow early. Ciao. Morning, it's nine hours later so i've made a hook out of the same size wire 1.2 I just made a small loop on the end soldered it flattened this end and turned it around into a hook. Now I put it on an unsold jump ring because it would be really difficult to solder that while it was assembled on the chain. So now this the chain is assembled it's just a matter of going to the third hand, holding each one of these joint up and soldering them.

So you hold you jump ring is far away from the joint as you can, that way the heat doesn't get sucked into your third hand. I cut about 20 pieces of solder, this by the time I get to 20 it's time for a little break. The Flux is mixed and nice, Smith's mini torch, neutral flame, solder pick, heat the jump ring a little before you touch it with your flux brush. Heat the solder big, pick up your solder, the flame coming up place your solder and it will flow just like that and I'd like the double third hand because I'm so shaky that I'm always bracing myself one hand on each of these.

I don't quench it in between, use your tweezers and if you get if you use tweezers a lot for making chains, get the one that has two little serrations inside, it makes your life easier.

The ones that are completely smooth, the ones that we normally have don't really work very well on chains. So heat the jump ring, touch heat the big solder and continue until the end. Okay we're out of the pickle and what you want to do is put your magnifiers on and look at every join one by one. Take your time, I know it's a little bit fiddly but it needs to be done. It's embarrassing to find one later on, now the charms I put on with the same size jump ring as the jump ring that I'm putting it on to, I think it looks a little bit nicer. So when you've seen that all of your joints are soldered, tumble it, don't publish it on the wheel and you're done. So turn off the gas, put the cap on your flux, wash out your flux brush, put your tools away and go have a coffee while it's tumbling.

Video Credit - Soham Harrison

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What Size for a Gold Bracelet?

Here at Chain Me Up, our sterling silver and gold bracelets are made to any length you desire. As chains are made of links, they cannot normally be made to an exact length like a piece of string could be. Normally they will however, be within about 5mm of the length you select.
With consideration to the length of your bracelet, we generally recommend adding about 2 or 3 centimetres to your wrist measurement. How much extra will determine how far onto your hand the bracelet will fall. Smaller builds may prefer just 1.5 or 2 centimetres, larger builds may prefer adding 3 centimetres. If you are unsure, go longer; it is much easier for a jeweller to remove an extra link or two, than it is to find an extra matching link.

Hello, I'm Sebastian Mitchell from boy beads and today I want to talk about bracelet sizing. Typically we recommend that you add half an inch to your wrist size for the appropriate bracelet size. So that means that if your wrist is 7 inches, your bracelet size would be 7 and a half inches, if your wrist is 8 inches, your bracelet size would be 8 and a half inches and typically the average male size is 7 and a half inches. So that's our most popular bracelet size that we sell.

Today I want to actually show you my wrist and my sizing and I'll show you how different size bracelets will fit on my wrist, so that will help you to know what size you need to purchase. What I have is a standard tape measure and I'm going to put it around my wrist in the area that I would typically wear a bracelet, which would be at the very front of my wrist. So I wrap it around and I stop the tape at the point where the two ends meet, so I'm going to try to put this closer so you can see that my wrist is just a little bit shy of 7 inches. So what we want to do is to size up to seven and a half inches for a bracelet. If I made it to 7 inches exactly it would be a little bit too tight and I like to show you how a bracelet looks on your wrist if it's too tight.

I'll start with this Picasso Jasper bracelet, this bracelet is exactly 7 inches, so what that means is that this would fit someone with the wrist that’s six and a half inches. But I'm going to try it out anyway so you see what I mean by the sizing. Can you see that there’s strain right here? You can see the string, if you're wearing a bracelet and the string is visible on your wrist or on your arm, that means that it's too small. I can move my arm up and down I can shake my arm the bracelet does not move. This is too tight for my wrist, what I need to do is size up to a seven and a half inch and that would be my size.

If it's too tight it's more prone to popping, if it's too large then the bracelet is more prone to snagging on or catching on to things around it and it could also pop and break. This is an example of a bracelet that's eight inches, eight inches is too large for my wrist so, it will fall, it will fall down, it will go all the way down even farther if I didn't have on this watch. So eight inches is too large for me and you can see the extra space here. This could catch on to something as I'm going about my daily routine and it could snag and pop which we don't want. Now I'm going to try on sizes that are seven and a half, so these are exactly my size.

This one goes over the hand it moves a little bit on my wrist, but not a whole lot, it just goes only about two inches. This is my size, seven and a half inches, this one also fits perfectly. If you don't have a measuring tape at home you could use anything that's flexible. I have right here a receipt, so you can take a piece of receipt paper, fold it in half, you'll also need a standard ruler. This is a standard 12 inch ruler, so take the tape the paper I’m sorry, and use it just as you would a tape measure. You stop it where the ends meet and I’m having a little bit of trouble with this, but okay, so I stop it here where the ends meet. I will mark this point with my finger, so this mark, this is where it stopped and then I will get my ruler and I will measure the point where I stopped and it's still the exact same point. Just a little bit before seven, so that lets you know that your wrist size is right above seven and right below seven and that your bracelet size would be seven and a half. I hope that this tutorial can help someone, if you do have any questions please click the link below to send me an email. Thank you everyone, happy to help.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Best Quality Gold Chains - Chain Me Up - Fraser Ross

Who can resist the glorious glow of a beautiful gold chain or the stunning shiny reflects of a silver chain? Chains made in Australia are irresistible and high quality, their beautiful shine make a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection. To find the best quality gold chains and silver chains in Australia, simply go to Chain Me Up Jewellery to see our amazing collection of precious metal chains and pieces.

We’re placed all of our chains into categories that make finding the perfect chain fuss free and easy. Whether you’re hunting for the perfect anniversary gift or something to treat yourself, our selection of gold and silver chains customisable in length and width will make the process a breeze! We offer a variety of both handmade and machine made chains, each featuring a beautiful and unique design. Some of these styles include:

  • Curb 
  • Roller
  • Figaro
  • Belcher
  • Cable

We also have a special section where you can find a selection of silver chains that are guaranteed to appeal to men. For anyone hoping to find the perfect chain for the gentleman in their life, or even if you’re searching for something for yourself, you will find ease in finding the right chain for you! I’s quick and easy, just how many men prefer their shopping! Each bracelet chain is pre selected to 21cm and 55-60cm for necklaces, but you can still customise your chain just how you’d like it.

Our silver chains can be paired with your choice of clasp, we offer parrot, bolt ring and heart shaped padlocks depending on what you fancy. Every item is clearly labeled so that the process of ordering and checking out with custom chains can be kept simple and easy. Our chains are all available at an affordable price with compromising on high quality. We offer competitive prices and a seven day money back guarantee so that you can rest assured we are offering you the best silver chains own the market. Check out our online store and see our collection of Australian made chains and jewellery for yourself.

We have a huge range of excellent jewellery made in Australia in our store.